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Mithilanchal is an epitome of culture and tradition. It is in the northern part of India. Once upon a time it was the kingdom of the region "Mithila" whose king was "Janak". That's why Janakpur was under the areas of Mithilanchal along with Sitamadhi , Darbhanga and some other districts. Mostly the language being spoken by the people of "Mithilanchal" is "Maithili". This site represents the tradition and culture of Mithilanchal through the photos and videos to aware the people of other area about Mithilanchal. This site also includes the pictures of the visiting places of Mithilanchal and their nearby places. It also includes the songs of the famous poet Vidyapati and the marriage video which shows the culture. Another section is added which gives the students, the information about various competitive exams.The festival of Mithilanchal can be known through the calendar section. You can also see the snapshot of the various festivals and events by clicking here. In forums section some important topics are in discussion every week. People can also get information about the various stories and the festivals through our Blogs section. This website is now trying to represent Mithila in every aspect whether it is related to visiting places, folk songs, music videos, festive events and all those things which are related to Mithilanchal. You can also buy the famous painting of Mithilanchal called “Mithila Painting” also known as "Madhubani Painting" because of the place associated with, and many other things through this website in future. You can buy directly by sending a mail quoting the image number in the mithila paintings section in the album section or You can go directly by clicking here and can see the collection of Mithila Paintings. Another Motto of this website is to Promote Tourism in Mithilanchal. So see the Visiting Places or Places for Tourist Attraction in Mithilanchal, Click here or You can see the Historica section in the album section.

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