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Mithilanchal website seeking some volunteers for its different sections

Posted by Awadhesh kumar on June 26, 2015 at 2:40 PM

Though I had so many times tried to get attention from the people of mithila through my videos, which I posted on many facebook groups related to activities of maithils containing huge number of maithil members. But I found that most of post got unnoticed or maithil people were not interested in contributing in the various section of our website whether it is related to blog posts, photos, videos or in other ways. So, today I am writing in a different way to get the attention of maithil people in seeking their contribution in our website. Mithilanchal website is seeking volunteers in contributing their part in its various sections. They can contribute in following ways:-

(a) Volunteer can contribute in blog section by writing blog post on daily/weekly/monthly basis related to various sections e.g. tourism opportunities in mithila, travelogue related to mithila, famous personalities of mithila, articles related to Maithili cinema, festivals story or anything related to mithila. It should be in english.

(b) Volunteer can contribute in photos section by providing photos related to various tourist places or places which can be included in the places of attraction, photos of madhubani painting artists with their name and description of painting (e.g. size, cloth, type etc.) so that it can help them in getting buyers, photos related to various festivals and important persons of mithila. They can also contribute in providing details about the various photos posted in various categories of photo album of website.

(c) Volunteer can contribute in videos section by suggesting videos in Maithili or related to mithila by keeping in mind that it should be free from obscenity. It can be related to culture, festivals, tradition, folk songs, folk dances or favourite clipping of Maithili videos posted on youtube.

(d) Volunteer can discuss various issues related to mithila on forum section of website and make a strategy for their movement related to the development of mithila.

(e) They can also contribute in providing details about the festivals of mithila to get it included in calendar section.

(f) And, finally they can help in getting donations to this website which will be utilized for the welfare of maithils and each and every details of its utilization will be shared.

(g) If, they found something interesting in audio format related to mithila. They can contribute in getting it uploaded in podcast section.

Hope to see some enthusiasts in this regard. Those who want to contribute in any of the above ways can contact us through contact us page of this website or can send their consent on [email protected].

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