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Five Places of Mithila you must visit

Posted by Awadhesh kumar on March 19, 2015 at 8:35 PM

I had been waiting for a long time to write a travelogue for our website and finally today I got some time to write about the beautiful places having the connection with the history and art styles being used in Mithila. In this post I will write about five places you must visit while travelling through Mithila:-

1. Chandradhari Museum, Darbhanga

This museum is about a kilometer or at walking distance from Darbhanga Railway station. You can find the ancient sculpture of Mithila, the different art styles and techniques being used in making a sculpture of metal, various decorative art objects, beautiful paintings, arms & armours and textiles in this Museum. Entry was free when I visited this month.Campus is awesome because of digha pokhar. A must visit Museum in Bihar.

Watch the video here:-

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2. Kali Temple, Bhaura, Madhubani

This kali temple is near to Police Line, Madhubani carrying the marvelous architecture. Built by the king of Darbhanga. The surroundings adore the temple. You can also find several other beautiful sculptures/idols in other parts of the temple.

You can watch the video here:-

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3. Rajnagar Ruins, Madhubani

The campus containing various temples, ruins of forts and palaces. It is around 12 kilometers by road but I will suggest to take a train. That’s cheap and economical. You can find the ruins of famous Naulakha Palace. I assure you, you will enjoy your trip while travelling to Rajnagar. This place is famous for ruins of the Naulakha Palace (one of the famous palaces of Maharaja of Darbhanga), that was destroyed in earthquake in 1934.

4. Vikramshila University Ruins, Bhagalpur

Bhagalpur is one of the oldest district of Bihar, located in the eastern part of the state. It was once among the best silk- producing Indian cities, and is still known as ‘Silk City. Sometime in the late 8th Century when Nalanda University somehow started losing its shine, King Dharmapal had set up another site for practise and teaching of Buddhist philosophy and religion. This is known as ‘Vikramshila’ which was a great University in its own right as well as a Buddhist Stupa for prayer. Vikramshila is situated in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar and nearest railway station is Kahalgaon. To see Vikramshila, you need to hire a car from Bhagalpur. Just like Nalanda, this great University also fell before Muslim invasion led by Bakhtiyar Khilji during 1200AD. Bakhtiyar Khilji ensured complete destruction of Vikramshila along with Nalanda.

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5. Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Sanctuary, Darbhanga

Kusheshwarasthan Bird Sanctuary, spreading over 7019.75 acres is unification of 14 water logged villages situated in Kusheshwarasthan block which comes under Biraul sub-division of Darbhanga region. Kusheshwarasthan Bird Sanctuary is located about 45 kms east of Darbhanga town. One can avail local transport service of buses or can hire taxi from Darbhanga or can also drive in by car via road to visit this famous bird sanctuary.

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One can meet several species of birds in this sanctuary and some of the local birds of this region are Mail, Lalshar, Dighouch, Nakta, Adhani, Chaha, Silli, Harial, Karan, Gaiber (White and Black) and Ratwa which can be found in Kusheshwarasthan Bird Sanctuary. Apart from local birds of the region, a large number of migratory birds also come here as 'Winged Guests' for stay in winter season during November to March.

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